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Extra Curricular Activities

To inculcate the quality, loyalty and cooperation among the student games period have been included in the time table. The game activities of students are guided and supervised by game teacher. To enrich the student’s personality, sense of appreciation, social consciousness and creativity among the students, they will be trained in various kind of crafts and arts.

Physical and Health Observation

The school teachers regularly check the hygiene and physical appearance of the students as we believe in the maxim ``Health is Wealth” So periodically medical checkup of student is conduct by the registered medical practitioner.

P T A Meeting

Parents & teachers meet regularly in the meeting held on last day of the academic term examination and unit test. The progress report of the student is shown to parent / guardian in the meeting so that they may exchanges views with concerned teachers in the presence of the student.

Parents / guardian are requested to attended the meeting as it will help the school to get an insight into correct development of the student to the monitor and review the progress of their wards. Parents/ guardians should be regular to these meetings.

Recommendation to Parents

1. The school solicits the co-operation of parents in helping the school for the achievement & perfection toward the noble goal for which the intuition has been established.
2. Parents are requested not to meet the student or class teacher during class hours. If there is any complaint or misunderstanding , in such case for rectification of problem parent may visit school office.
3. Parents are requested to generate politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct should be inculcated in the child along with a sense of cleanliness of dress and person.
4. Parents/guardians may meet the principal by seeking appointment properly through the school office for any complaint and advise.
5. Parents should ensure that their wards appear for all the tests and examination.
6. Parents should enquire & ensure whether their wards complete their home assignment and take active interest in the school activities or not.
7. Parents are requested to enforce regulation and discipline measures as described above at their own level.

House Systems

To promote self decipline and self governance among students the school has divided in four houses.
(1) Ajanta House
(2) Sir Naseeruddin House
(2) Alora House
(4) Sir Syed Ahmad House
There will be house captains and vice-captains among the students who will be in charge of their respective house.House masters/mistresses look after all the activities of the houses with the help of house member teachers. Various inter houses literary and cultural competition like essay writing, painting, quiz, patriotic song and debate competition are organized.